Keeping your back straight during work is critical

Keeping your back straight during work is critical But it is very difficult to work in front of a computer. The posture of the chair and desk makes it difficult for your neck to move. Your neck needs to have full range of motion and movement. You can correct posture by getting the seat at the correct height and using proper sitting posture. Sit in a chair that is flat on the floor, or tilt your head with your shoulders.

Proper sitting prevents fatigue and gives strength to prolonged work. You can improve your posture too by wearing glasses and by using crutches. You want the best desk experience when you are using your computer to work. You also enjoy watching your work by getting the best viewing position of the computer screen. It can be difficult to look at the screen in front of you and not see your work.

With our seat cushion your life in front of the computer will look different. The Best View We designed the seat cushion so it is adjustable to fit any angle of seat as well as different heights. You’ll love it. Easy to Use The seat cushion features velcro straps to attach and detach, which makes its easy to attach all your equipment to your seat and set up your monitor or desk, or to bring to a friend’s place.



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